Company Name: Progeuro Srl
Year Established: 1991

Tribunal of Bari No: Soc. 27269
Chamber of Commerce Registration: 300798
Nominal capital: € 25.000 i.v.
Fiscal code and VAT No: 04211450723

Via della Costituente, 19/E – 70125 Bari
Telephone/Fax 080-552.02.02 r.a.

Technical directors:
Ing. Fabio Gasparri (Ord. Ingg. Prov. Bari n. 4078)
Ing. Emanuele Triggiani (Ord. Ingg. Prov. Bari n. 4118)

Progeuro Srl has been working for 30 years within the field of project consulting and services in several fields of engineering.
In particular we supply design, coordination and commission management in the civil and industrial field.

Progeuro avails itself of a staff of Project Specialist Leaders (PSL) with specific technical competence in order to ensure a high quality final product.
Thus Progeuro can develop and follow the project from its early stages to its completion, looking after the multiple technical, financial and managerial aspects, supporting the operative structure of the client – if needed – or taking up the complete management of the project.

Progeuro guarantees maximum operative smoothness, offers its know-how and its resources to the Companies and Bodies whose target is a final product of excellent quality.

Progeuro carries out its activity mainly on the national territory. In the last few years the company has also dealt with the development of important initiatives in the field of services/management, of state of the art shopping centers and infrastructures.